GOING BEYOND Festival of Travel

GOING BEYOND Festival of Travel

Festival of Travel

The response and feedback from our two-day Festival that we received from clients, speakers, conservation agencies and the RGS itself was amazing.

“Having attended the Steppes travel exhibition at the Royal Geographic this weekend I just wanted to thank the Steppes team for truly inspiring presentations. Steppes will undoubtedly be my first choice when booking my next travel adventure.”

I am sure you have your own memories from the weekend, whether Hamish Mackie’s glorious wildlife sculptures, Hanli Prinsloo’s passion for the oceans, Harriet Riddell’s creativity, Amy Dickman’s near-death experience in a long drop, Benedict Allen’s selfeffacing manner, Edurne Pasaban’s unique and very personal delivery, Dan Bucknell’s directness in the conservation panel, the erudite David Macdonald, Kenton Cool’s energy and emotion, Steve Leonard’s enthusiasm, Chris Packham’s brilliance, Rob Caskie’s delayed laughter or Ranulph Fiennes’ response to where his next expedition is: “Are there any Norwegians in the audience?”

What really impressed me is how engaged the speakers were, the very personal stories they told and how much they enjoyed going to other talks.

For me, the most difficult part of the weekend was the question that I had to field from my son after my talk. He put his hand up and asked, “When you go off on your travels, which of your children do you miss most?”

I hope that you enjoyed it, that you were inspired and above all that you will join us in Autumn 2017. Reserve your place now as we predict a sell-out success.

Justin Wateridge

Managing Director and father of three would-be explorers of the future



Rob Caskie

I have no doubt that it is an industry “first”, and will only grow in leaps and bounds. Being a tiny part of your inaugural event was a special privilege. Ran’s talk was brilliant, and justifiably so.

Monty Halls

Well, it was my great pleasure! A terrific event, which I’m absolutely sure will go from strength to strength. This will become THE adventure event in years to come.

Hugh Thomson

As a veteran of many past festivals, both here and abroad, I’m in a good position to recognise the ones that work. All in all, a great success.

Benedict Allen

I really enjoyed my time – there was a great buzz around the RGS. Hope to see you – or your wonderful tribe in Cirencester – before too long.


Hanli Prinsloo

I just love all of you guys, you really have done well in collecting a quality group of people!

Thank you for your ongoing support of I AM WATER and your trust in us.

Look forward to many more adventures together!


Jonathan Scott

It was indeed a huge privilege to share a stage with so many extraordinary people - not least to listen to Ran Fiennes wind up the Event in such a humorous and rousing fashion!!

But it was also very evident what a great group of people you have assembled at Steppes. You could feel the commitment and ethos of the company very much to the fore.

Andrew Terry

Thank you very much for the opportunity to take part and for Durrell to be a focal charity. It was a fantastic event.

Dan Bucknell

It was a real pleasure, and I greatly enjoyed the panel discussion - we touched on so many issues that the discussion could have been dedicated to any one of them!

Edurne Pasaban

I have to congratulate you because I think that the Festival was a very successful event.Your company and your team is a success model.


Hamish Mackie

What a fantastic weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it and loved meeting lots of like-minded people.


Kenton Cool

I LOVE these sorts of event, they are always far more rewarding for me as a speaker than the corporate events, interacting with the people that make a difference is always fabulous.